(This FAQ, complete with information on the Second Literary Six-Pack, is also available for download in PDF format)

Q: What is Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma?
A: Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma is an exciting statewide activity that invites Oklahomans to examine our state’s unique history, experience its diverse heritage and explore its promising future by reading and discussing notable and important works about the Sooner State.

Q: What’s the catalyst for Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma?
A: As Oklahoma readies for 2007 and its 100th anniversary of statehood, Oklahomans are increasingly exploring our state’s many-faceted history and its richly diverse heritage.

Q: When will Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma take place?
A: The book selection process begins in 2003, and programs will be held each year from 2004 through the Sooner State’s 100th anniversary in 2007.

Q: How will the books be selected?
A: A subcommittee of the Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma Steering Committee (see our list of sponsors) nominates six book titles. Oklahomans vote from September through October for one book from the list of six works. Voting will take place online. The winning selection will be announced in November, and the reading and discussion programs and activities will take place the following year. The first “election” took place in 2003, with programs held across the state in 2004. (Check out the first Literary Six-Pack!)

Q: What type of books are candidates for the election?
A: Works will be as diverse and intriguing as our state and its people. Selected for readability as well as Oklahoma-related content, they will consist of both fiction and nonfiction and will include history, biography, memoir, historical fiction, essay collections, and novels.

Q: Who can host discussion groups? When will they meet?
A: Discussion groups will meet throughout the year across the state. Libraries and schools are invited to participate by hosting reading and discussion programs, and any group, organization, or high school class may host a discussion.

Q: Will discussion materials be provided?
A: Study guides will be available online, and the State Department of Education will provide online curriculum guides for high school educators. Discussion facilitators will be available through the Oklahoma Humanities Council.

Q: Where can I learn more about this program?
A: This website will provide a variety of information and resources to inspire and facilitate participation in the project. We’ll offer discussion guides, activities and promotional pieces in our Programs/Materials section. Talk about books and share your opinions on our online discussion board. You can also read more about the state’s literary heritage, discussion groups, book clubs, and the one book craze that is sweeping the nation.

Plus, watch your local newspaper, organization newsletters, community library or favorite bookstore during the months ahead for more details about Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma. Better yet, contact your local library and tell them you’re interested in participating in Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma, or start your own book club.

You may also contact the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, the Oklahoma Humanities Council, or Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma.

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